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Welcome to Light Céleste!

Light Céleste’s (“Light Celeste“, “We”, “Me”,Us”, “I”, “Our”, or “Mine” as applicable) current goal is to provide visitors and clients, like You (“You”), with education and Services regarding intermittent fasting. We do this via knowledge, tools, inspirational messages, and one-on-one coaching.  

Below are the terms and conditions (the “Terms”) that pertain when You use or access the Light Céleste Website (lightceleste.com) or use any of our Services, blog posts, resources, educational material, Web content, one-on-one content, community pages, and comment section ( “Services”). It’s important that You read and comprehend the terms.


You are voluntarily choosing to participate and read materials on lightceleste.com. The Services and information We provide are for informational purposes only and do not constitute or replace the need for medical and professional advice, consultation, evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment with a qualified medical practitioner. Nothing on our Website, resources, or consulting Services should be interpreted as a replacement for medical advice from a medical expert. We are not a medical company, and We cannot give You medical advice or diagnose any illness. We do not endorse any particular tests, products, physicians, diets, procedures, lifestyle changes, opinions, or additional information that might be referenced by the Services.

You should always consult and inform Your healthcare provider prior to beginning any programs or making any changes to Your lifestyle. You should have periodic medical checkups with Your physician and monitor any known medical conditions with Your healthcare provider. Our Website and Services are intended to be used only by adults over the age of majority in their territory or province of residence. You acknowledge that Your use of our Website, Services, and knowledge is solely at Your own risk.

If You have any concerns or questions regarding Your health or medical conditions, please contact Your healthcare provider or physician.

You acknowledge that We cannot provide medical advice, interpret medical results, or change or issue prescriptions. Our staff is not physicians, pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists or dieticians, or any other health professional (referred to as “HPs”). You will not use any information from Light Céleste’s staff or resources as an interaction with an HP. You are fully responsible for any modifications that You make to Your lifestyle.

Our Services are provided “as-is,” without any warranties, representation, conditions, or guarantees of any kind. We disclaim all representations, warranties, conditions, and guarantees with respect to the Services (including any User Content and testimonials),

We provide no assurance that the Services will meet Your requirements or that their provision, operation, or availability will be uninterrupted, free of viruses/malware, errors, or harmful components or conditions. We provide no warranty that any defect of any service will be corrected. You acknowledge that in agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, and using our Services, You have not relied on any warranties, representations, conditions, or guarantees made by us.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances will We be liable to You or any third parties for any indirect or direct damages or losses arising out of or in connection with any use of or inability to use our Services. This is a complete limitation of liability that applies to all losses and damages of any sort. If You are disappointed with the Services, or with these Terms, Your exclusive and sole remedy is to stop using the Services immediately. You acknowledge by using our site and its Services that Your use is at Your sole risk. We have no will in no way be held responsible for the health, medical Wellbeing, bodily integrity, or healthcare of You or any third party.  

User Content and Comments

While using the Services, You might have the opportunity to upload or post comments or materials (“Your Content”), and to view the posts and comments of other users (“User Content”).

You will not include anything in Your Content that: (a) constitutes spam or advertising; (b) is obscene, scandalous, or defamatory; (c) violates, infringes, or misappropriates any intellectual property rights; (d) is intended to degrade or negatively impact the performance of our Website and Services; (e) impersonates Light Céleste or any of our staff; (f) violates any laws. You agree that We may review, moderate, edit, alter, modify, delete, remove, or block any of Your content using our sole discretion without any obligation to You.

We may collect, store, use, and disclose part or all of Your content in any manner, for any purpose at any time. You consent to these Terms. You represent that You have all the poWer, rights, and authority to grant the rights to Your content.

You recognize and agree that We are under no obligation to review, moderate, modify, edit, remove, alter, delete, or block any user content. We have not liability or responsibility arising from User Content.


You shall not sue Light Céleste or any of its staff, and waive all and any claims against us relating to any damage, loss, or liability arising out of or related to using the series. You will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Light Céleste and any of its staff, against actions, claims, and demands resulting from Your breach of the Terms, Your violation of any laws, use or misuse of the Services, regulations, negligent act or omission, wilful misconduct or Your reliance on the Services on medical advice or any other health or lifestyle advice.

License and Ownership

You will not copy, publish, reproduce, disclose, display, rent, sell, lease, store, modify, distribute, loan, or create derivative works from the Services and/or any User Content. You will not reverse engineer, copy, translate, scrape, adapt, store, modify, or collect the Services and/or User Content.


If You neglect to obey these Terms, then: (a) You are obliged to immediately stop using the Services; and (b) the Terms will terminate instantly and without notice to You.

Injunctive Relief

You recognize that any violation of these Terms will cause irreversible damage or injury to Us, the exact amount of which may be impossible to determine. If You violate these Terms, We are authorized to proceed directly to court in order to remedy these losses, and You will consent to injunctive relief restraining You from violating, and forcing You to comply with, Your obligations under these Terms.

Compliance with Laws

You will obey all applicable laws and regulations of The United States and other countries (“Applicable Laws”) to ensure that the Services are not used for any purpose prohibited by Applicable Laws.

Governing Law

These Terms of this agreement are governed by the laws of La Mesa, California, and the federal laws of The United States applicable within. You acknowledge to the jurisdiction of the courts of La Mesa, California in regards to any proceedings arising from these Terms.

Entire Agreement

These Terms include the entire agreement betWeen You and Light Céleste with respect to the Services. Unless otherwise noted herein, these Terms supersede and terminate all previous agreements.

Term Changes

We might modify or change these Terms at any time. Your continued use of the Services following any amendments serves as Your acceptance of such modifications. You accept that it is Your sole responsibility to occasionally review these Terms and any changes, and You waive any entitlement to notice of changes to the terms and conditions.

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